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Why Us?

The industry standard for over 60 years, the Lundey line of terminal assemblies were originally designed by Raytheon Company for use in hermetically sealed components of military communications equipment.

For applications not covered by our standard line we are prepared to design specials upon receipt of specifications. In many cases these specials can be developed with a minimum of tooling expense by adapting standard components.

The easy assembly of Lundey Terminals allows low-cost tooling and jigging for production conditions. Suggestions for these techniques are available from us.

Our Products

Lundey offers standards and specials in a broad range of styles including:


Lundey Ceramic Terminals are designed for applications which may require a liquid or gas-tight seal at low pressures.

A variety of sizes from .200 diameter to 1.625 diameter offering flashover voltage (in air) from 4,000 Volts RMS to 36,000 Volts RMS.

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