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Who We Are?

Manufacturer of Insulated Feed-Thru Terminals for hermetic sealing. Lundey terminals are extensively used in the industry for critical sealing applications due to their...

  • Freedom of surface tracking tendencies
  • Ability to meet severe cycling requirements under military specifications
  • High voltage and current carrying capacity for space occupied
  • Exceptionally high resistance to mechanical and thermal shock over a wide range
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Precision Machining, Screw Machine Parts, Stampings & Moldings.

In addition to our standard line of Feed-Thru Terminals, Lundey Inc. is pleased to offer you the highest quality products in these areas at competitive prices and prompt delivery.

Our expertise is in the machining of parts of various materials including:

Brass, steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and various plastics

Prototype – Short Run – Long Run

For a quick response to quotations, requests, or delivery information please call (508) 226-6012.

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Our Products

Lundey offers standards and specials in a broad range of styles including:


Lundey Ceramic Terminals are designed for applications which may require a liquid or gas-tight seal at low pressures.

A variety of sizes from .200 diameter to 1.625 diameter offering flashover voltage (in air) from 4,000 Volts RMS to 36,000 Volts RMS.

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